Alternative Hair Extensions: More Popular in USA, UK, CAN, other?

I’ve noticed that at least the English speaking alternative hair extensions world seems to be centered around the UK, followed up by the USA, then CAN, then a myriad of countries (many of which are in Europe). I often wonder if this is just a language barrier or if it’s because the UK is in fact “Alternative Hair Heaven.” Sure, you’d expect dread extensions wearers by the dozens in places like London, but actually the spread across the UK is very great. Every corner seems to have at least one lady (or gent) local to it that is into if not actually wears alternative hair extensions. One might expect the USA to have more enthusiasts by shear volume of people, but it doesn’t seem to be this way. Canada, although large is sparsely populated, yet well represented in the English speaking corner of alternative hair extensions as well. I cannot vouch for or even wonder about other language corners of alternative hair extensions because, frankly, German is the only other language I can claim, and I do that very badly. I don’t even know how to say “hair extension” in German (is it haar kunst?). It is impossible, but I wish I had hard numbers on alternative hair extension enthusiasts in every country of the world. I wonder if the UK’s culture somehow encourages hair creativity more than any other country? Could the UK be the true “Alternative Hair Heaven”?



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