Faux-hawks and dreads: brilliant or not brave enough?

A lot of ladies and gents that wear dreads regularly also choose to shave a bit of their head here of there to make installs more comfortable or for fashion reasons. But some people choose to go another route: enter the faux-hawk. Here’s a picture of me with one. Question is, is this a brilliant hairstyle or is the wearer not brave enough to cut it all off? I have about 1 inch of my sides shaved at the hairline, see here. I dye it regularly to match my dreads, but I keep the rest of my hair about 10-12 inches long, and undyed. Basically, I don’t want to kill my hair with dye because I like my natural hair, and shaving off large amounts would only lead me to being very upset later that my hair was gone. So I go faux-hawk from time to time. But there has been criticism out there that faux-hawks are for the weak and afraid. Maybe I am afraid of the commitment? Lots of people say “it’s only hair, it’ll grow back.” But me, I have a bald spot right at the front of my hairline on the right side, so I believe it might just not grow back. In fact, at any time more of my hair could mysteriously fall out leaving bald patches because my body obviously has the ability (I saw the doctor, and he warned me of future bald patches appearing.) Should people criticize others for not taking the plunge with the clippers? Does it really matter, faux or real hawk?


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