Five Months?!

I have started my new, big-girl job with the library, and I am finally starting to settle down into something like a routine. My job eats up 45 hours a week of my time, and I keep an active family life, and I’m writing a novel plus short stories. Somehow, in all of that, I am squeezing in a bit of time here and a bit of time there for hair. Where do I find the time? It’s due to my new process of Spun Art Locks. It’s very easy to do just a little bit at a time. Twenty minutes here, an hour there, rather than the marathon 5-8 hour sessions I had to do making more standard wool dreads. I’m not being shy about my method for making Spun Art Locks either. I’ve already made the first of two (maybe three?) videos documenting my process. I’ll run through it here via text:

  1. Hand card roving colors (1-6 colors at a time)
  2. Spin hand carded clouds into yarn
  3. Felt yarn 1/4 set at a time in boiling water on stove
  4. Shock hot yarn with cold water
  5. Cut to length while still wet
  6. Dry in station in front of fan

The longest part is probably hand carding the colors. It also takes the most muscle. Spinning might take just as long, honestly, but it’s much more enjoyable to me. The whir whir of my spinning wheel is so relaxing. The rip rip, brush brush of hand carding isn’t nearly as fun. Alas, it is necessary to blend the colors and add in extra sparkle or texture. Another thing I’m concentrating on is decoration of my Spun Art Locks. Spikes and skulls and ribbon and thread and feathers and sparkle! It really brings a theme to life when the hair has more texture and interest to it.

Unfortunately, due to my limited time, I have to charge premium prices and turn down a lot of custom orders right now. A full set of 12oz of yarn starts at $150, and I’ll only take on a custom order if 1 you’re a previous customer 2 you’ve got a great idea. I’ll continue to make pre-mades for anyone ravenous to buy them. The pre-mades will be heavily themed and decorated.

Here’s me wearing some of my very own Spun Art Locks in gold, yellow, and dark blonde.

Here’s about 1/3 the set off the head.

Anyways, I’m going to keep faithful to my roots (pun, haha) and keep on keepin’ on with hair extensions. I’ll update this blog as often as I can.


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